Alumni Monthly Newsletter

February 2017

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”

Now that we have all settled into semester 2 of this school year, I’m sure you experienced the beginning of the semester feeling of “Holy cow! I am broke.” Especially when you have to purchase your books that wind up costing $200+. We have all been there! The theme of this month’s newsletter is “let’s get money.” Here a couple tips and reminders to help you stay on top of finances this semester and into the future.

First and foremost, fill out your FAFSA and do it correctly. FAFSA opened up in October this year and financial aid award letters are going out now. If you get your award letter now, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need for next year.

Next, go visit your financial aid office and find that person who can help you. I had to go to my financial aid office a bunch of times before I found my go to girl, Eileen. She was able to help me figure out what exactly I needed, what I needed to know to understand it all, and what I needed to do to get my money. Every time I had an issue, I would e-mail her directly and she would help me out with my issues. I’ve heard stories from other alumni who have lived in the financial aid office and they were able to handle all of their issues quickly with their own go to person.

And finally, there are many scholarship databases that you can go to. While you’re cozied up in your bed on a Sunday, start searching for and filling out these scholarships. Before you type into Google, check and see if your school has any in-house scholarships. This means you are competing only against people from your school for this money. There are also a plethora of websites you can search. I have a few listed on this page ( Feel free to browse, but make sure you aren’t held up by any scams. If someone is offering you $2000 for free, sorry, it’s definitely a scam. If you’re concerned about where to find these scholarship, if you’re choosing the right one, or have any extra questions, concerns, or want to create a plan for future, please reach out.

You are always a part of the JRLA family,

Ms. Grow


Alumni Spotlight- February 2017:

This month we are highlighting a 2015 alumni who has been consistently doing well on her campus, Shamiya Estell. Shamiya is in her second year at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Shamiya is currently working toward a degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and she has already signed for her major. Shamiya worked very hard in her spring semester of 2016 earning a GPA of 3.56. Shamiya is a part of the ROTC program on campus. Over last summer break, Shamiya attended boot camp as a requirement for her program and she will attend this summer also. She is currently a part of the OBU Fashion show (The Organization of Black Unity Fashion Show) and several other shows around campus. She also volunteers at The Laurels of Mount Pleasant, which is a nursing home. Great job on all your hard work, Shamiya!