Alumni Monthly Newsletter

August 2017

“This is the beginning of anything you want.”


August is a very important month for many of you! It’s time to wrap up your summer, and figure out how to begin a school year anew. With this fresh start, it is your chance to invest yourself again in your path of success. At all costs, you have to be driven and committed to reach your goals, even if there are setbacks along the way. There are many questions you could be facing when you head off this semester, so we have a wonderful event planned to help you out with all of those unknowns! 

What: Summer Send-Off! A chance for you to hang with your friends, EAT, see staff old and new, win some really sweet stuff, and tackle those last minute to-do’s. This is also an opportunity for 2015 to pick up your graduation pictures, 2016 to pick up your yearbook and memory video, and 2017 to pick up your memory video!

When: August 15th from 4:00-7:00pm

Where: Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, 15000 Trojan St, Detroit, MI 48235

Giveaways: There will be ten gift cards raffled off, several Kindles (you can get books cheaper on your Kindle), and a couple dorm room gift baskets.

If you would be interested in being an ambassador for your class and earning some extra cash, reach out to me and I will give you the details. You have to be willing to recruit people though!


Lastly, if you’re concerned about your future, your life at this moment, or have any extra questions, concerns, or want to create a plan for the future, please reach out.

You are always part of the JRLA family,

Ms. Grow