Alumni Monthly Newsletter

March 2017

“There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher.”

Usain Bolt 

We are now about halfway through this winter semester. Some of you have already been able to enjoy that sweet satisfaction of mid-winter break and some of you have a little more to push. You can do it! This month our focus is going to be on setting yourself up for a summer of opportunities. Whether you are planning on sticking around the city, or leaving the country, the experiences you have over a summer could dictate your path for the future.

To begin, there is no better way to spend your summer than doing some sort of life-enriching experience. Many of these life-enriching experiences take place outside of the country through study abroad programs. We’ve had a few alumni who were able to enjoy time out of the country last year. During her time in Peru, Chanelle Miles gained valuable field experience working with firefighters and learning about Peruvian culture resulting in her determination to study abroad again. And Eboni Ross traveled to England over the summer. She said the experience helped her be more outgoing and opened her up to new experiences she never knew. You never know what amazing things lie in store for you once you put yourself out there. If you’re not ready to leave the country yet, you could still have these experiences by visiting another city for the summer and gaining some new perspective. Go visit your study abroad office or career center today! Many deadlines are passing, but I’m sure there are still opportunities out there for you. 

Some of you might have to stick around the city this summer, and that’s okay too! There are plenty of new experiences you can have in a city that you’ve lived in your whole life. I have had the pleasure to speak to some amazing people who are working to help young people with summer experiences and job placement. The program is called Grow Detroit Young Talent. Some other alumni gained job experience through this last year and ended up loving their placement! The broad range of job placement is a benefit to find something that’s just the right fit for you. Applying is easy to access and can be found here: You will have the opportunity to gain quality experience with critical partnerships throughout the city. This is a fantastic way to build and strengthen your resume. Last year, through this program over 8,000 local youth received employment. Clearly, they are very willing to help set you up for a successful summer!

Whatever you choose to do over the summer, make sure it is something that can help support you on your path to greatness! If you’re concerned about job placement, internships, not sure if you’re choosing the right one, or have any extra questions, concerns, or want to create a plan for the future, please reach out.

You are always a part of the JRLA family,

Ms. Grow

Alumni Spotlight- March 2017:

This month we are highlighting a 2015 alumni who has been working really hard on her campus, Brittani Ambrose. Brittani is wrapping up her time at Howard Specs and will be graduating this month! Brittani has worked very hard in her classes, earning above a 3.5 GPA. She has been solely focused on achieving academically that she earned a perfect attendance award. She has consistently been driven towards her future and has found a job once she is done as a photographer. You are doing great things, Brittani!