Alumni Monthly Newsletter

July 2017

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot

 We’re going to do something a little different during the month of July. The month of July is going to be called “July Connection.” This month is going to be centered on myself reaching out and checking in with each of you. If you haven’t heard from me by the end of the month, then there’s a chance I tried to reach you and you should reach out to me! July is going to be all about seeing where you’re at, and which direction you’re headed. Your honesty is incredibly important when we are having these conversations, even if you think it’s something I don’t want to hear, just be honest!

 From our check-in point, I’ll be able to determine how best you’ll need my support throughout the year. Now, there are a whole lot more of you than there are of me, so you reaching out asking for help and being proactive when it comes to issues will make support go a lot smoother. And don’t be afraid to let me know you’re struggling. Times are going to be tough as you figure out new situations, but it is normal to be uncomfortable. The more you’re able to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and learn from it, the better off you’re going to be. Reach out sooner if you need if and if not, wait for my call! Don’t be afraid to answer the phone this month. AND don’t forget I have “559” area code and I am not a telemarketer.


I have a couple other reminders for you.

 1. **Time Sensitive**: If you are interested in taking advantage of Detroit Promise Scholarship for a community college, there a few steps you need to have completed. These steps will vary for graduating class. Their website is if you’d like to look into it further. However, their contact information will not change. You can e-mail to ask any of the questions you might have. 

2017: Make sure you have identified the school you’re interested and signed the Authorization to Release Form. If you think you did it, but you’re not sure, reach out to me and I can tell you if it’s complete or not.

 2016: Detroit Promise was available for you one year after HS graduation. Now you are a year out from the program, if you know you are going to a CC in the fall you’ll need to reach out ASAP to the e-mail above. You should still be able to log-in to the website above and update the school information for where you will be attending.

 2015:  Detroit Promise was available for you one year after HS graduation. Now you are two years out from the program, which could cause some difficulties. However, it doesn’t hurt to try and reach out and see if there are any solutions for you.

2.   When you get a chance, if you haven’t done so, send me your spring/winter semester grades and your fall schedule!

 3. VERY IMPORTANT- The date for the alumni send-off is set for August 15th at 5pm at JRLA, so mark your calendars now. There will be plenty of food, some college representatives, and a bunch of people who care about you to see you off to school in the fall!

4. Lastly, if you’re concerned about your future, your life at this moment, or have any extra questions, concerns, or want to create a plan for the future, please reach out.

You are always part of the JRLA family,
Ms. Grow