Alumni Monthly Newsletter

September 2017

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Neale Donald Walsch

As you enter this new school year, it is important to put your academics first in everything you do, but it is also important to think outside of the classroom and create a plan. Ask yourself the question, “what do I want to get involved with?” What are you going to do to get busy and start building that resume? That could mean joining a club, that could mean looking for a job, that could mean putting together an intramural team… whatever it is, get out there! (See below for an example of getting involved) From experience, you manage your time better the busier you are. You should NOT be complacent with sitting in your dorm room with all your spare time. You should also get to know the people in this new spaces you’re entering. Maybe one of them is an upper classmen with your major, maybe one of them has a summer experience you can join, maybe one of them has a house in France and is looking for a friend to go with. The possibilities are endless.

It will also be a great advantage for you to leverage the people that surround you, and in fact we have an incredible individual who will be here to support you all as well. Joining our JRLA team, at the American Promise schools level, is Dr. Williams as the Director of College Graduation. Dr. Williams is a native of Detroit where he attended St. Mary's of Redford and Henry Ford High School. He graduated from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) with a B.S. in Education and Human Development and a Master of Education in Sport Administration. While completing his degrees at BGSU, he served as a student-athlete mentor in the Office of Student-Athlete Services. In May 2015, Dr. Williams earned his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Michigan State University.

Prior to joining APS, Dr. Williams worked at Michigan State University (MSU) in Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) for 9 years. Dr. Williams served in various capacities during his time at Michigan State. As Assistant Director of SASS, he was responsible for managing the academic support services for 5 varsity sports. During his tenure at MSU, Dr. Williams also had administrative responsibilities over the Multicultural Program, RISE, and the SASS Faculty/Staff Mentor Program. Dr. Williams was also as an instructor for a first-year student-athlete course focused on the college academic and athletic transitions. In addition, he also designed and taught a course focused on student leadership within the College of Education. Dr. Williams has an incredibly story, and if you have the chance to meet him, you should ask him about it! He would definitely be someone to help support you on your path to achieving your goals.  

As always I am here to support you on your path. If you’re concerned about your future, your life at this moment, or have any extra questions, concerns, or want to create a plan for the future, please reach out.

You are always part of the JRLA family,

Ms. Grow


Alumni Spotlight- September 2017:

 The alumni spotlight is back this month, and we are highlighting one from our founding graduating class whose picture is shown above, Ni’Jah Magee. Ni’Jah is entering her third year at Michigan State University and her major is Mechanical Engineering. So far, she has maintained above a 3.1 GPA while simultaneously holding a job and the position of Performance Director for an on-campus dance team, Royal Dance Movement. Ni’Jah has remained determined to reach her goals, and has never faltered. She continues to spend multiple hours daily in the library to ensure she keeps her grades up for her rigorous course load. We are so proud of all that you are doing Ni’Jah!


 Resource Plug- September 2017:

 This section is new beginning this newsletter! I receive hundreds of resources throughout the year, and would like to begin sharing them with you. This resource will come in handy when purchasing books, and for some of those other essential items. It is Amazon prime! The website explains what you will need to access your free 6 month trial period. Make sure to either delete it afterwards, or a have a plan to continue paying for it after that time. Go check it out!